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Beverly International Muscle Synergy Powder Lemon 403 gm

Beverly International Muscle Synergy Powder 403 gm
Beverly International
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Beverly International Muscle Synergy Powder - Lemon
Ingredients in Beverly's Muscle Synergysupplement technology have been the focus of over 300 scientific studies, based on the latest estimates. Here's just a small sample of the positive results reported:
  • 300% greater increases in lean mass and strength from resistance exercise vs. subjects taking a placebo
  • 5-10% increases in training volume
  • 200% greater increases in VO2max than subjects taking a placebo
  • Increases in bench press 1-RM of up to 45% (equivalent to increasing your bench press from 280-406 lb, a 126-lb difference)
  • Increases in lean mass of 4.2 lb in only 3 weeks
  • 22% decrease in the area of the fat covering the thigh in 70-yr-old subjects vs. a 15% increase in thigh fat area in subjects taking a placebo (this ingredient works as well in older subjects as younger ones)
  • Increased ability to tolerate high-intensity exercise even in the face of high blood lactate concentrations
  • Decreases in body fat percentage of 1.5% or more
  • Increases in lean mass of 0.9% and retention of 500% more strength in subjects whose arm was immobilized in a cast as compared to subjects taking a placebo. Subjects who got the placebo experienced a 3.7% loss of lean mass in their casted arm.
  • Complete prevention of training-induced increases in a common marker of muscle cell damage vs. a 43% increase in the same marker in subjects taking a placebo.
  • Lower levels of training-induced muscle soreness
  • Faster recovery of muscle strength following high-intensity exercise
  • Greater decreases in myostatin levels than produced by resistance exercise alone (higher myostatin levels are associated with reduced muscle growth)
  • Stimulation of satellite cells (a type of stem cell essential for muscle repair and growth at all ages)
  • Protection of muscle mass from the decaying effects of aging (sarcopenia)
  • Restoration of muscle mass caused by muscle-wasting conditions
  • Positive effects on mood
  • Muscle Synergy also contains a frequently overlooked amino acid that represents 1/3 of the amino acid content of collagen, the major protein of connective tissue. Connective tissue not only contributes to muscle size, but it also bears the bulk of every load that you lift at the gym and in everyday life.
  • Muscle Synergy contains a combination of amino acids confirmed by some of the world's leading scientists to increase nitric oxide (NO) synthesis and vasodilation, the most critical determinant of the pump. (This combination works better than the NO precursor arginine alone!)
  • An amino acid derivative that you can't get enough of from the diet, even if you were to consume 6 protein shakes a day providing a whopping 360 g of protein! And much more...
Never Before Told: The Muscle Synergy Story
In the spring of 2001 at BI headquarters in Cold Spring, Kentucky, the company's product development scientists began asking themselves some probing questions. The answers they uncovered allowed them to close in on four factors that interact to critically determine the strength of the average muscle-building signal being transmitted inside your muscle cells at any moment of the day, whether you'e exercising or lying on the couch.

BI's scientists realized that the four factors they isolated interacted, and these interactions are synergistic. This meant that if the interactions could be enhanced the results could be dramatic, potentially explosively so. That's the power of synergy. No nutrient is capable of enhancing every interaction, certainly not maximally. Thus, a combination is required. After testing various formulas, one emerged victorious. In 2002 the supplement technology known as Muscle Synergy was released. It remains one of BI's most successful products ever.

"[Muscle Synergy] is the most effective product I've used, I get an awesome pump and gain lean muscle mass. Even in the final stages of my pre-contest diet my strength is still peaked and my recovery time is awesome...definitely worth trying!!"

"...began taking 8 tablets the first week then increased my dose to 16 tablets for weeks 2-8. I was at a plateau for the previous 3 months. In 8 weeks I went from 182 lb and 15% body fat to 192 lb and 14% body fat. My upper leg increased in circumference by 1" and my bench press went from 285 lb to 315 lb. This is the most growth I have had at any time in my history. The only change was Muscle Synergy."

Four Factors. Acting in Synergy
Damage control, loss prevention, work capacity and pump. These four factors and the synergistic interactions between them are what BI's product development scientists set out to help users of all ages and training backgrounds maximize with a single supplement technology. Accomplishing this required a unique combination of ingredients never before assembled for this explicit purpose.

To help it stay ahead of trend, BI is constantly in touch with scientists at university research centers around the world -Spain, New Zealand, England, Japan, Italy, Israel, Canada, China, United States, Australia and more. The fascinating insights these scientists have revealed, coupled with the stream of testimonials from happy BI customers, confirms that Muscle Synergy is one of the most well thought-out supplement technologies available.
    • Damage Control (Factor 1): Whether you're training for the first time ever, coming back from a layoff, or trying a different workout approach on for size (literally or figuratively), it involves a period of adjustment during which muscle damage and soreness, loss of performance, delayed recovery and impaired muscle-building signal production can result. With ingredients clinically proven to safely and powerfully enhance damage control, Muscle Synergy can ease or shorten the length of your adjustment period, accelerate recovery, keep your motivation higher and amplify gains.

    • Loss Prevention (Factor 2): Muscle is hard to gain and easy to lose at any age. Even 3 days off from training can raise levels of the muscle-building signal "blocker", myostatin. In 10 days, half of training-induced muscle gains can be lost. Losses like these aren't abnormal. They're a fact of life. But they can be reduced or prevented with help from ingredients in Muscle Synergy. One of them is so powerful it increased lean mass in the arm of subjects wearing a cast!

    • Work Capacity (Factor 3): Work capacity refers to how much force your muscles can generate over a given period of time. Like poor damage control and loss prevention, a low work capacity reduces your ability to generate strong muscle-building signals. It also means you can't burn as many calories or lose as much fat while working out. The list of complications stemming from a low work capacity is a long one indeed.

  • Pump (Factor 4): The pump is perhaps the most critical determinant of muscle-building signal strength. Its underlying components help maintain your muscle mass far beyond the gym, however. By supporting vasodilation, nitric oxide (NO) production, and the hydration and structural integrity of your muscle cells, Muscle Synergy helps you maximize the components of the pump and boost your average muscle-building signal strength 24/7.
Don't make this mistake! (Millions do.)
Damage control, loss prevention, work capacity and pump. Millions of people overlook these four factors every day. Few are aware of their underlying components, the interactions between them and their muscle-building implications. Don't follow the herd and make the same mistake. Enhance your four factors by ordering the Muscle Synergy supplement technology today. Experience the body-transforming power of synergy. *

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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