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BLUESPRING Capsicum Roll-on Booster 3 oz

BLUESPRING Capsicum Roll-on Booster 3 oz
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BLUESPRING Capsicum Roll-on Booster 3 oz
Capsicum Heat Booster was created by BLUESPRING for a safe and effective boost of heat to enhance your pain management.

Capsicum Heat Booster is delivered in a massaging roll-on application with ingredients that hare proven to enhance the pain-relieving power of Super Blue Stuff OTC and Super White Stuff OTC - without any negative side effects – only positive ones.

The combination of natural ingredients is carefully formulated and documented to provide a heating warmth and relief. What makes this Booster powerful is in its twofold results. It is made to boost and complement the BLUESPRING pain relief products but also works effectively on its own.

Everyone’s pain is unique – and sometimes you may experience a unique challenge from your own body – it could be one small ache in your neck that just lingers on and on or even a creaky knee that is not easily relieved with your regular routine. This is when a extra boost of warming relief may just do what it takes to finally conquer this unrelenting pain.

You may not need it every day and you may not need it for every part of your body – but when you need a boost of heat in a massaging relief – Capsicum Heat Booster by BLUESPRING is here and ready to deliver

How Does Capsicum Heat Booster Help my Problem?

Each person’s pain is unique. Sometimes the medication that helps one back pain sufferer may not be efficient for another back pain sufferer. Rather than increasing your medication dosage, or being prescribed even more powerful pharmaceutical drugs, you can get relief by using a safer alternative.

The safest way to get relief from stubborn and persistent pain is by using natural herbal ingredients that you can customize to treat your own particular intensity and type of pain. The fast-acting pain relieving properties of Super Blue Stuff OTC can now be enhanced by the use of Capsicum Heat Booster to bring extraordinary and optimized relief.

So, your knees are painful and, even though you take painkillers, your knees still hurt when you walk up and down the stairs or when you go to the grocery store. What more can you do? The answer is Super Blue Stuff OTC combined with the enhancing power of Capsicum Heat Booster.

When you put a small amount of the fast-acting Super Blue Stuff OTC on your knees, the active ingredient, Menthol combined with the penetrating properties of Emu Oil, begins to relieve the pain. A little goes a long way. When you then add the roll-on Capsicum Heat Booster on top of the Super Blue Stuff OTC, the pain-relieving properties are ramped up to provide strong and penetrating heated relief.

Relief can be felt in as little as a few minutes. Because BLUESPRING Pain Relief products provide topical pain relief, you can focus on just the area or areas that are painful. This makes it extremely cost-effective.*

Capsicum Frutescens Fruit - The combination of natural ingredients is carefully formulated and documented to provide a heating warmth and relief. What makes this Booster powerful is in its twofold results. It is made to boost and complement the BLUESPRING pain relief products but also works effectively on its own.

The Capsicum Frutescens fruit, also known as the timeless chili pepper, has played a role in human medicine for centuries. Although it has been known in the modern era primarily for its mouth-searing flavor, recent investigations into the capsicum frutescens fruit's biological effects have uncovered a wealth of medical benefits.

The extract of the capsicum frutescens has been proven in multiple studies to act as a remarkably powerful local analgesic. It is believed that this effect derives from the dilation of blood vessels near the application site. In some products which maximize this extract's positive effects an immediate lessening of chronic pain is produced. Many people enjoy the heating warmth it brings to a pain relieving remedy.

Aloe Barbadensis - Aloe Barbadensis, often referred to as nature's most beneficial plant, has been a curative ingredient in pain relief preparations for nearly six thousand years. More commonly known as Aloe Vera, this spiky, succulent plant thrives in a wide temperate belt that stretches around the globe.

The anti-inflammatory effects of Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract have been extensively documented, and in fact some extracts have been shown to out-perform modern pharmaceutical ointments in topical applications. When used in concert with capsicum extract, Aloe Barbadensis leaf produces a remarkably swift easing into relief. This trait can be seen in Aloe's time honored role as the first line soother for sunburn.

Pure Glycerin - Pure glycerin, often wholly unremarked upon, is an integral ingredient in nearly every topical medication produced since the industrial revolution. A plant or animal extract, glycerin's most useful aspect is its easy solubility in water. This property allows glycerin to act as a transport mechanism for other, usually more active, compounds.

Glycerin possesses other properties that make it an ideal adjunct to topical pain relief boosters. It is highly viscous, which keeps the all-important capsicum compounds in pain relief boosters precisely where they are first applied. It is also without odor or color, both important assets when glycerin is used as a base for other ingredients.

Botylene Glycol - Botylene Glycol is a vital supportive element in cosmetic and medicinal preparations of all kinds, with a host of beneficial effects. It is used mainly for its ability to allow nearly any ingredient to dissolve in a solution, and to be easily spread throughout that solution. A beneficial added feature that this property provides is the prevention of premature drying.

The combination of Botylene Glycol's chemical properties with the complex and potent botanical ingredients in pain relief boosters yield long-lasting and consistent relief from pain. Yet another bonus is provided by Botylene Glycol's excellent antibacterial properties, which inhibit bacterial growth in any compound that it is a part of.

Arnica Montana Flower - The Arnica Montana flower, or the famous wolfs-bane, is a beautiful and relatively rare mountain flower that flourishes in Europe's mountainous corners. It has a long and storied place in the annals of old world herb lore, and was used extensively as a poultice for localized pain relief throughout early and middle antiquity. The anecdotal evidence for this beautiful blossom's medicinal efficacy provides a foundation for modern studies, which have yielded startling results.

Arnica Montana extract has been shown to be as effective as ibuprofen for topical pain relief, when the samples of each are adjusted to present an equal potency.

Olive Oil - Olives are believed to be one of humanity's first cultivated crops, and the oil pressed from them has been used for such varied purposes as lamp oil, a preservative wood varnish, and most importantly as a soothing balm. In the Minoan culture that flourished on the Greek island of Crete nearly five thousand years ago, olive oil was a ubiquitous part of daily life. There is some evidence in the archaeological record suggesting that these vanished people even used olive oil in lieu of soap.

Modern cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturers are aware of the olive's cleansing and healing properties, and it is often a key ingredient in effective pain relief products.

Dimethicone - Dimethicone, derived originally from one of nature's most common compounds, is a silicone oil that introduces a variety of beneficial effects to creams, ointments, and unguents. It is most effective as a lubricating agent, allowing the complex blend of varied botanical ingredients found in capsicum pain relief boosters to be evenly distributed. An ancillary benefit that this slippery substance provides is keeping preparations it is added to free flowing and smooth in a variety of climates. Dimethicone is found in a majority of topical ointments sold across the globe due to its long track record of safety and efficacy.

Polyacrylamide - Polyacrylamide represents the cutting edge of consumer chemistry. Often called a super absorbing agent, this remarkable substance can absorb almost four hundred times its own weight in water. Incredibly, this absorption does not change the substance's chemical properties in any way.

Water is congenial and benign to the human body, and so polyacrylamide itself is treated by the body as a friendly substance. This makes topical creams and ointments containing polyacrylamide more readily absorbed by the skin. This ready absorption produces much quicker relief than could otherwise be expected.

Isoparaffin - A mixture of mineral oils, C13-14 Isoparaffin is used in a broad variety of topical skin care and therapeutic ointments. Like baby oil, another variety of mineral oil, C13-14 isoparaffin is valued for its innocuous and non-harmful properties. It is used most often as a simple thickener, allowing the manufacturers of pain relief boosters and other products complete control over the consistency of their final preparations. This allows for the use of beneficial compounds with many varying physical characteristics in a particular roll-on or cream. Like all beneficial oils, C13-14 isoparaffin also acts as an emollient. These types of substances are proven skin softeners.

Laureth-7 - The strangely named Laureth-7 is actually a naturally derived thickening agent used in many face and body creams, as well as topical dermatological medications. It is derived from laurel acid, a fatty substance that is a constituent component of milk, as well as occurring in coconut and palm oils. Originally produced through boiling large volumes of leaves from the astringent laurel plant once used to produce Olympic victory wreaths, modern preparations are carefully controlled to produce consistent thicknesses. The name Laureth-7 actually indicates a low viscosity variety of this naturally derived thickener. The pleasant smell of the bay laurel leaf often comes through in the final product, lending a pleasant aroma to capsicum pain relief boosting roll-ons and other preparations.

Emu Oil - Emu Oil is the product of a happy accident of nature. The emu, a large and unattractive flightless bird with a vast wild population in Australia, has long been prized for its sustainably harvested meat. The production of this meat yields one of the most important natural restoratives in recent memory, emu oil. A potent anti-inflammatory compound with a host of proven uses, this oil can be applied directly to the skin to ameliorate sciatic nerve pain, deep aches in any part of the body, or the chronic distress caused by fibromyalgia. When used in concert with other soothing botanical agents emu oil can produce almost immediate pain relief. BLUESPRING uses only the highest quality Grade A tested Emu Oil iin all of its products. The cost of emu oil has created many imposters in the market place. Good quality Emu Oil is a price premium.

Caprylyl Glycol - Caprylyl Glycol is a multi-faceted contributor to the long lasting qualities of modern medications and cosmetics. While an excellent preservative, and one of a class of chemical that yields a synergistic benefit when used with other preservatives, caprylyl glycol is primarily a moisture retainer. Referred to in technical circles as humectants, materials of this type attract water from their surroundings. The benefits of this for skin creams and moisturizers are obvious, but in compounds with active botanical ingredients increased moisture leads directly to increased potency.

The combined nature of caprylyl glycol, which is both a moisturizing and a conditioning agent, allow products that contain it to increase the elastic quality of skin.

Phenoxyethanol - Phenoxyethanol, another cousin from the glycol family so common in topical medications, is a naturally occurring alcohol. In the wild it can be extracted from both grapefruit and the bark of the chicory tree, although it is far more commonly synthesized in laboratories to minimize the environmental impact of harvesting these botanicals. When combined with ointments or creams that have a high water content, phenoxyethanol is an excellent preservative that can prolong the useful life of a product almost indefinitely. It is generally regarded as the least harmful preservative used in such solutions. In fact, a 2002 study conducted at the Charite Medical Center in Berlin, Germany found that phenoxyethanol is gentle enough for use on newborn infants (see reference below).

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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